Patrick Mahomes asked for Ben's jersey after the game

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Patrick Mahomes may have vastly outperformed Ben Roethlisberger Sunday in the Chiefs’ playoff blowout win over the Steelers. But in the end, great recognizes great.

The two quarterbacks shared a moment following the contest, with Mahomes sending off Roethlisberger with some parting words, and a jersey exchange request. While Mahomes has dominated the NFL for the last four seasons, Roethlisberger is one of the best ever. Big Ben finishes his career with two Super Bowl wins, six Pro Bowl nods, and multiple places atop the NFL’s all-time passing lists. He’s fifth in passing yards, eighth in passing touchdowns and fifth in wins, respectively.

Mahomes said he told Roethlisberger how much he admires his game.

“I just told him I have so much respect for him,” Mahomes said. “I’ve watched him growing, and the way he plays the game, he competes to the very end. And he did that this whole entire season.”

There wasn’t a lot of Big Ben magic this season, though there were moments. His spirited comeback attempt against the Chargers, and game-winning drives against the Ravens come to mind.

Even in a diminished state, Roethlisberger was dangerous at the end of the game, just like always. That’s how he’ll be remembered.

Mahomes said he would like the jersey off Ben’s back, but recognized that might take a little bit.

“I’m gonna get one of these at some point,” Mahomes said.

Until then, sharing the field with Roethlisberger on his special night will have to suffice.