Peterson wanted to join Steelers in ’22, already helping Porter

‘I’m happy to finally be a part of a Coach Tomlin team’
Patrick Peterson and others in practice
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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) – It would seem the interest of Pro Bowl corner Patrick Peterson coming to the Steelers came out of nowhere. Little was said about adding a player of his experience or reputation. Peterson though said he tried to join the Steelers last year, it just didn’t work out.

The 32-year-old wouldn’t go into detail about what happened, but said he wanted to sign with the Steelers in 2022. It’s been everything he hoped it would be so far. The advice and intel he got from podcast partner and former Steelers Super Bowl champ Bryant McFadden was spot on.

“Everything that he told me about this organization, this facility, this locker room, Coach Tomlin,” Peterson said Wednesday. “A loss of words. I’m happy to finally be a part of a Coach Tomlin team.”

It’s not just Mike Tomlin, but secondary coach Grady Brown. Before he joined the Steelers, years ago, Brown coached Peterson at LSU for a pair of seasons. Peterson credits Brown for teaching him the importance of studying.

“He brings those college tendencies here on point of emphasis on technique, point of emphasis on eyes because when guys get in the League, those are some of the things that go by the wayside,” Peterson explained. “We just always rely on our athletic ability to get us through downs. If we could rely on the basic fundamentals. That would help us become better. Football still comes back to the basic fundamentals.”


He acknowledged it before the question was even finished about the versatility in the Steelers secondary. Peterson said he said every defensive back they have can play a different position. The veteran with 34 career interceptions believes that versatility is going to help them win games.

Peterson said quarterbacks will get to the line and start reading the defense and be confused by all of the different looks the Steelers can give teams. He says that makes them so much more dangerous and then maybe a QB takes too much time allowing for more sacks.

A couple of days into voluntary practices, Peterson is working at left corner. Likely by the time they open training camp in Latrobe, he will also me working other positions.


Asked when he signed with the Steelers about taking a mentorship role in Pittsburgh, Peterson was quick say it’s a role he would embrace and enjoy. He couldn’t have known the team would draft two corners including Joey Porter, Junior with the 32nd overall selection.

“He’s a young guy that wants the knowledge, wants the information,” Peterson said. “When you have a young guy like that, you just can’t help but to pour into them. I don’t know how many years I have left. He’s a rookie, at some point the torch is going to be passed to him. I just want to continue to help him find his way, find his resume.”

Peterson’s career overlapped one season with Porter’s father, both playing in the NFL in 2011. Peterson says Porter, Junior has a leg up because of what his dad taught him.

“You can tell he came from a football background,” Peterson said. “His understanding of different schemes, different coverages, leverage. Just his competitive edge that he has as a rookie, you can tell he’s a guy that wants to get better. That wants to be that guy eventually.”


The eight-time Pro Bowler was a captain last year and has been one on other teams. While he’s a mentor to anyone who wants information, he’s not looking to step on the toes of the current veteran leaders in the room.

“This is Cam, Minkah and TJ’s team,” Peterson said. “I’m just coming to do my part. If that’s to take a weight off their shoulders or off leadership. If that’s to gather the guys around more, so be it.”

“I’m just here to give a helping hand. I’m not coming here to take over the locker room or re-define my position on this football team. I just want to help this team be as good as it can be.”

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