Pickett said confidence sky-high, but got to be better

What he said about the offensive issues and who he wants to see get the ball more
Kenny Pickett in scrum
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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) – It sounds like what so many golfers say about their game, if it wasn’t for just one bad hole I would have been so much better. It’s what Kenny Pickett is saying about the Steelers offense. It’s one play here and there that are killing them.

He said it’s the ultimate team game, and borrowing a Mike Tomlin cliché, it can be popcorn-meaning things can pop up here and there causing them issues. They are working to clear up those problems during every practice and meeting.

“Staying together, obviously this isn’t the start that we wanted,” Pickett said Wednesday. “Not what we worked for, not what we talked about doing. We just stay together, play the next play and just keep improving. That’s got to be the goal.”

It’s an offense again that is lacking an identity. It was discussed how many times last year until they eventually ended up being a physical, running team and that served them well down the stretch last season. Pickett believes they can be a balanced team, running or passing when needed, they remain confident that can happen.

“I watch how these guys work every single day,” Pickett said. “I know what we can do. When you watch the tape, you see things that aren’t us. We want to be perfect, you are never going to be perfect, but that’s what you are pushing for. Confidence is still sky-high with every guy on the team.”

A five-year quarterback at Pitt and last year with the Steelers, he’s aware enough of what is happening outside the building. He knows of the expectations of Steeler Nation, which only grew watching what the success they had in the preseason.

“The attitude is there,” Pickett said. “People are going to be frustrated. We are not playing the way we want to play. No one likes this feeling from a fanbase standpoint, from a being on the team standpoint.”

Nobody wants that offense we are putting out right now. We got to be better. We know we have to be better. Everyone is working and pushing towards that.”

Pickett warned it’s not going to turn around overnight. They will continue to work. He said there are throws he wants back, but notes he feels that way after every game, no matter the stats. He’s trying to find ways to get George Pickens and Calvin Austin more involved, but said it’s not about the play-calling, rather the execution.

“I just want to get back to playing the offense we know we can be-balanced, running the football, having the play action off it, getting guys the ball down the field,” Pickett said. “It just seems like we are missing an element each time out. I think that is hurting us.”

There is one guy he would like to see more opportunities for. It’s a fellow second-year player, although he wasn’t a first-round pick like Pickett, rather an undrafted free agent.

“Consistently 30 shows up making plays,” Pickett said of Jaylen Warren. “He’s a guy that needs to get the football. Run, pass, whatever it may be. He continually pops and makes those explosive plays for us. We got to continue to focus to get him the football.”

Somebody, somewhere has to make consistent plays for this offense. Last year they were able to evolve into something they could win with. Can they figure something out again? And quickly.

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