Tomlin points out Browns defense, environment for poor Pickett play


Either Mike Tomlin has become a completely oblivious NFL head coach or he is deceiving the media and thus the public.

After a 13-10 loss to the Browns in Cleveland Tomlin said he expected the type of game.

“Exactly the type of game we anticipated. You’ve got a really good defense, in a hostile environment [and] they had a young quarterback, so we knew they were going to do some things to minimize his exposure to our defensive unit. They weren’t going to take a lot of risks, so we had to get stops the traditional way. So it was a lot of those things. We just came up a play or two short, but that happens. That’s what happens when you compete in this league on days like today,” Tomlin said, in part.

You expected your quarterback to throw for only a little over 100 yards with zero touchdowns?

The Ravens put 28 up on the Browns, the Colts 38 and Seahawks 24.

I know the Browns defense is good, but the Steelers couldn’t score more than 10 points with Pickett?

Well, maybe he did.

Since the beginning of October, Pickett has two passing touchdowns.

But don’t worry, the Browns were just really good.

Talking about why the offense and Pickett couldn’t get going, Tomlin said:

“I think the Cleveland Browns had a lot to do with that. I’d be disingenuous if I didn’t compliment them on their players, their schematics, how they played today. The venue component, from an offensive perspective. There’s a lot of things that were challenging today.”

Now we’re blaming the environment? Didn’t Pickett go into Baltimore and win a game?

That’s a pretty hostile environment.

Maybe we’ll get some more insight from Tomlin during his Tuesday press conference, but it’s not likely.

He obviously knows how bad his offense and quarterback are playing but he isn’t going to throw them under the bus but you can at least answer the question to a degree where you are not insulting our intelligence.

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