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John in his Christmas sweater
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Delilah started the whole thing a few weeks ago.

We knew we were going to switch to Christmas music 24/7 at some point during the holiday season, but Delilah couldn't wait, because she's NUTS for Christmas, so she started playing the holiday favorites at night earlier in November.

And now the time has come to flip the switch and go all-Christmas, all the time. (TBH I insisted on waiting until I could find a Christmas sweater that I liked.)

We hope you'll tell your friends and family and especially your coworkers. In fact, go ahead and seize control of the radio or the smart speaker at work and make sure The Sound of Christmas is on, especially when I do the 2-Hour Commercial-Free Workday Kickoff from 8 to 10AM.

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Of course, we're always happy to hear your suggestions and input, so post a message on our social media feeds or drop me a message if there's a song you haven't heard:

Just a heads-up for when we actually get to Christmas week: The Sound of Christmas will be completely commercial-free on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so whatever your family's up to, you'll have a non-stop backdrop of commercial-free holiday faves to accompany your Christmas.

Sound studio all decked out for Christmas

We hope The Sound of Christmas makes your holidays relaxed and cheerful. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

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