The soundtrack for your morning at work: The 2-Hour Commercial-Free Workday Kickoff

Start your workday with two straight hours of Relaxing Favorites and no commercials from 8 to 10AM.
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Hey, all you 9-to-5 (or 8-to-5, or 7-to-7) workers, I see your pain.

I'm in place at 94.1 The Sound before 5AM many days, and from my vantage point in my glass-walled studio, as the morning unfolds I see a parade of bleary-eyed behind-the-scenes coworkers shuffling through the doors to their desks and immediately heading to the kitchen for some energizing coffee and a chat with a colleague about the weather, or the Seahawks, or the weekend.

I can see in their eyes that getting up to speed at work can be tough, and right now I'm talking about people who are coming to a fun place to work -- a radio station! I know there are thousands of others out there -- maybe you -- who aren't starting the grind in such a delightful environment, surrounded by such clever coworkers.

That's why we cooked up the 2-Hour Commercial-Free Workday Kickoff.

Whatever challenges you face as you begin your day, finding the right soundtrack doesn't have to be one of them.

Every weekday morning between 8AM and 10AM, I play a long, nonstop stretch of commercial-free Relaxing Favorites. Not too soft, definitely not too hard (because who needs that first thing in the morning?) but a perfect mix of gentle yet peppy songs that just make you feel like everything's going to be okay, one after another after another, and the flow never stops for commercials! It just keeps going until I'm feeling pretty certain you've reached cruising altitude at work around 10AM.

John Fisher waving in front of the console in the 94.1 The Sound studio
Why am I smiling? Two hours of commercial-free Relaxing Favorites will do that! Photo credit It's a selfie!

Don't leave your work soundtrack up to your colleague who wants to share her 8th grade daughter's acapella performance from last night. Leave the music to me. I'll take care of you.

You grab a coffee, check your mail, catch up with your crew, finish that PowerPoint deck, prepare for a meeting. I'll keep the Relaxing Favorites going, nonstop.

Oh, and here's a secret: It does the trick when you're working from home, too! Brew the coffee, make breakfast, kiss the kids and the sweetie goodbye, tidy up for a Zoom meeting, and tell your smart speaker, "Play 94.1 The Sound."

The 2-Hour Commercial-Free Workday Kickoff. Set it and forget it, weekdays from 8AM to 10AM on The New 94.1 The Sound.

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