Niall Horan Tells Ashe How He Snapped His Ankle After 'Running Drunk’

Don't worry Niall will be ok!
By , Audacy

In a recent, very sweet, and candid Instagram live hosted by Ashe, Niall Horan shares some pretty funny details about he ended up with a broken ankle.

The two artists sat down to chat with one another and Niall quickly reveals that he is wearing a boot that is meant to keep his ankle in place. Ashe reacts with a stern but giggly, “yeah what the hell!? What happened?” Niall coyly begins to explain, “yeah, I was running drunk…”

Niall was running around his neighborhood, “six pints deep” and unfortunately completely missed the curb and “snapped all the ligaments” surrounding his foot. Horan jokingly continues, “if I didn’t have real ugly feet I’d show the world how bruised it is.” Ashe retorts, “I have very cute feet.” Honestly, the whole exchange between Ashe and Niall was totally adorable and kind of flirty.

The One Direction member doesn’t want us to feel sad for him though. He says he’s been through “many an injury” and the only annoying part of all of this is that he has to wear a boot for two weeks, lay off on his golf playing for a while and wait a while to drive a car.

Ashe and Niall came together on IG to celebrate 20 million streams of their collaboration on the song, "Moral of the Story."

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