Common Household Items You Might Be Using Wrong

The Plunger, the Stainless Steel Pan and the Cell Phone Charger, just to name a few.
Household Items

Sometimes we figure out how to make something work for us and then we find out that we've been using it wrong all along. According to Huffington Post, here are five such items.

1. Stainless Steel Pans - Did you know that stainless steel pans can be seasoned just like a skillet? They are a LOT easier to clean if we did it that way. Coat the inside with oil, put it on medium/high heat for a few minutes, let it cool down...Wah-lah!

Stainless Steel Pan

2. Phone Chargers - Do you plug your phone in at night when you go to bed? Me Too! That's WRONG! It's better for the battery if you plug it in during the day and unplug it when it's full. See, at night it starts to "trickle charge" as soon as the power starts to dip and that's hard on the battery.

Charging Cell Battery

3. Plungers - Those red, bell shaped plungers are NOT for your toilet. "Then what are they for?!?" They are for sinks and tubs. The one for toilets has a flange to fit into the opening at the bottom of the toilet.


4. The Drawer Under Your Oven - This might not be for storage. It might be a broiler or warmer drawer. Look closely!

5. The Toilet Paper Rolls - Oh no!! Here we go with THIS debate again! Illustrations from an 1891 patent show the toilet paper going OVER THE TOP, not under. Remember: "Waterfalls not Mullet"