Ingrid Andress talks touring with Keith Urban and rising female artists at Audacy's 'Leading Ladies'

Hear her biggest tour takeaway

After recently wrapping as an opener on Keith Urban’s Light The Fuse tour, Ingrid Andress is not only applying what she learned along the way on her very own headlining tour, but to life in general.

LISTEN NOW: Ingrid Andress talks touring with Keith Urban and rising female artists

“He has been doing this and stayed relevant for so long and to me, that’s one of the most impressive things about him,” Andress told Audacy’s Katie Neal ahead of her performance at Audacy’s Leading Ladies. “To me, I’ve learned it’s because he is always curious, he’s always wanting to learn more.”

Watching Keith remain curious and never be shy to explore new ways of doing things has inspired Ingrid in more ways than one as she recently kicked off her very own headlining tour.

“Somebody as great as he is, is still asking questions and is curious… most people would think he inspires himself because he is such a legend.”

She continued, “It inspired me to realize that staying curious is how you keep your life going, is how you grow, is how you stay around… I’m definitely applying it to more than just my music.”

Just as Keith did for her, Ingrid hopes to make room for, inspire, and welcome newcomers in Country music, especially females.

“I’m taking Madeline Edwards out on the road with me — she is incredible, very soulful,” Ingrid said when asked what newcomers stood out to her. “Carter Faith is also coming out. Meghan Moroney has really blown me away with her song right now. There’s so much up-and-coming talent and I really hope there is a space for them and those of us that have been doing and fighting can help create a space for them to thrive because they are way too talented to have to deal with whatever the current situation is.”

Hear more about new artists, Ingrid’s current tour and more by checking out her entire conversation with Katie Neal above.

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