Luke Combs on the 'super selfish' parenting advice he's not taking

Well at least for now
Nicole Combs and Luke Combs
Photo credit Jason Kempin/Getty Images
By , Audacy

Since welcoming their baby boy, Tex Lawrence, on Father’s Day, June 19, Luke Combs and his wife Nicole have received lots of love and advice from their friends and family. But there’s one piece of advice Luke admits he’s not particularly on board with, well at least for now.

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“The number-one thing I’ve heard is, gosh, what do they call it, a night nurse? That’s a thing I’ve heard about,” Luke noted in a conversation with ABC. “That’s a thing that I’ve heard about, which I was just completely unaware of that existing.”

A night nurse, for those unaware is a newborn care expert who helps exhausted new parents get some much-needed rest, by assisting with in-home care during the first few weeks of a baby’s life.

“You know, I think we’re gonna give it a run for a while and just kind of do it on our own,” Luke shared. “This child didn’t have a choice to be born. You know, it was our choice to bring him into the world. So I think it would be super selfish of me to go, ‘Oh, now I don’t have time to do this thing.’ And I think trying to do that on our own is something that we’re looking forward to.”

That being said, the busy Country music star did admit his outlook might be subject to change. “Maybe a month of no sleep will change my outlook on that — who knows.”

While Luke is sharing some of the advice he’s been given, his wife Nicole revealed a few things of her own on Instagram.

Answering some questions submitted by fans, including how much he weighed at birth, and more, the new mom revealed the inspiration behind her baby boy’s name, sharing that Tex is Luke’s great uncle’s name, and Lawrence is her father’s name.

nicole combs IG story
Photo credit @nicolejcombs / via Instagram

And while most questions were about Tex, one follower wanted to know how mama’s mental health was doing. After pointing out the importance of the question, Nicole answered. “Thankfully, I’ve been doing very well postpartum. I was VERY anxious the first night we brought him home but haven’t felt like that since,” she explained. “Nobody can really prepare you for the feeling of bringing a small human home that you’re entirely responsible for 😅”

Using her platform to stress the importance of taking advantage of medical professionals if struggling with postpartum, Nicole went on to advise her followers to lean on their partners if times get difficult or if they are willing to help.

nicole combs IG story
Photo credit @nicolejcombs / via Instagram

“If you’re struggling postpartum, please reach out to someone, whether that be family, friends, doctors, etc. Idk if everyone has the same experience, but I have been asked repeatedly by my doctors how I’m feeling mentally postpartum,” Nicole shared. “It could be so easy just to say, ’I’m totally fine’ when I’m not. They’re only there to help you, so take the help if you need it… and listen to your partner if they want to help you seek help as well.”

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