SZA gets candid about setting boundaries and online bullies

The 'SOS' singer shares how she's been navigating her mental health
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During a recent chat with Audacy, SZA opened up about her experience with therapy and how she manages to set boundaries for herself.

LISTEN NOW: SZA talks about her experience with therapy and how she manages to set boundaries for herself.

When asked what ways she’s found along her journey to keep her mind in a good space, SZA seemed a bit unsure about what one particular thing has helped her the most. Mentioning calls with her therapist, hypnotherapy, and “getting time to yourself.”

“Right now I’m learning to take space for myself without the worry of disappointing people… and get out of that co-dependent people pleasing mindset,” SZA revealed. "I really think that’s the hardest thing,” she continued, “like setting boundaries and creating a safe space for yourself.”

“Especially with more people getting access to me,” SZA said, “learning to put my foot down is something I’m really bad at… that’s the self protection and that’s the self-care, so I’m practicing that.”

While she’s currently working on being better at putting her foot down, one circumstance she’s already been doing just that for is with online trolls. Because SZA has no time for bullies, especially on the internet.

“Being bullied on such a very large scale is very… hard, and I don’t think that people really grasp what that’s like… It affects your life in real life… and it affects the way you feel about your work and everything else.”

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