Blake Shelton reunited with an old bandmate after 25 years on 'The Voice'

This is something you have to see to believe
Blake Shelton
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Every major artist has a sizable group of people that helped them get to the point of stardom. It’s understandable if you don’t recognize someone who had a role in the process that you haven’t seen for 25 years. But to not remember someone who you cut your teeth with on the road? Oof.

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All in all it was a lighthearted situation that went down on the season premiere of The Voice as one contestant turned out to be a former bandmate of Blake Shelton. One problem though… Blake had no idea who he was.

Pete Mroz took to the stage and performed a wonderful rendition of Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home.” After his performance, the coaches asked him about his background

“I think I’m the old guy here,” Mroz said before Blake chimed in with a resounding “I don’t think so.”

“Yeah I’m going to get to you!” Mroz exclaimed. He then went on to detail how he used to be a part of the Nashville music scene and played in a band called The Young Riders where he went by the name of Pete Mitchell. Blake then revealed that he used to be a part of a band called The Young Riders and this is where the fun begins.

Viewers could see the immediate stunned look on Blake’s face as he exclaimed “Oh my God! I haven’t seen this guy in 25 years!”

Each of the coaches were just as shocked as Kelly Clarkson got out of her chair shouting “are you serious?!?!?” Mroz then looked at Blake telling him “you stole my bass player!” To which Blake responded, “no, I gave your bass player a job!”

As they exchanged friendly banter back and forth, including a bit where they reminisce over Shelton’s once glorious mullet, each of the other coaches couldn’t help containing their surprise over the situation.

When it came time to pick a coach, Pete ended up exclaiming “I gotta go with the old cowboy” as the two former bandmates are reunited once again.

Plus, their reunion treated us to this magnificent throwback photo.

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