LA County public health director says mask-wearing 'sensible' way to keep transmission rates low

LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer tells KNX 1070 mask-wearing is a "sensible" way to keep transmission low as the highly contagious Delta variant spreads locally.

Ferrer defends the decision to urge fully vaccinated people to start wearing a mask in indoor public spaces again just two weeks after the mandate was dropped for them.

"While these vaccines provide a powerful, powerful protection to people who are fully vaccinated, we do have breakthrough cases," she says.

They're extremely rare.

Fewer than 1,700 fully vaccinated people in the county have tested positive among millions who've
been jabbed.

Ten of the reported breakthrough cases involved the Delta variant.

"While nobody has been hospitalized or has died, some people have become sick with symptoms of COVID and the question is if you got symptoms of COVID are you able to transmit the infection? Again, with much in this pandemic, we just don't have definitive answers yet on the Delta variant," she says.

We do know that this variant, which was first identified in India, does appear to be spreading locally.

It's unclear whether it makes people sicker.