Connecting during the pandemic: KNX Hero of the Week teaches seniors how to use Zoom

One of the many things we learned during the pandemic is the importance of human connection. But, for older adults isolated in care facilities, senior communities, or in their own homes, it was tough to interact. So, 28-year-old Nora Nabi offered her help, teaching an older generation how to use new-age video technology.

"Yeah, they are extremely isolated, to begin with. There's high rates of depression in senior communities," says Nora. "Zoom ended up really kind of taking over the world! A lot of tele-health visits ended up being on Zoom, (and) being able to see your families for extended periods of time."

Nora Nabi

Nora is the president of the Dialogue Society at University of California - Irvine. It is a student club with three chapters at UCI, UCLA and USC. As part of their senior outreach program, the group created an online book club so the seniors and students could interact.

"We had to think about what kind of program could put solely on Zoom, that seniors wouldn't have to have access to art supplies, or work-out supplies," explains the 28 year-old. "We thought about a book club, and we wanted structure. COVID was a time where nobody had any structure, everything was so unknown. So, we piloted that program, and the feedback we got was amazing!"

Nora helping seniors on Zoom

"It did give us a way to connect to other people," says Mary Lee Lindquist, one of the book club members. "I didn't know anybody, I didn't know any of the Dialogue Society members. This brought a lot of new people into our lives, so I'm finding it really enjoyable!"

Nora is currently working on her PHD at UCI, studying neuroscience. "What makes me feel good, is to know that we are helping other people. In any way I can, whether it’s something like a book club, or the research that I'm doing. Or even small acts of kindness every single day!"

28 year-old Nora Nabi of Irvine is our KNX Helpful Honda Hero of the Week!

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