For first time in months, LA County is getting close to meeting requirements to exit most restrictive tier

For the first time in months, LA County is getting close to meeting the requirements to get out of the most restrictive tier in the state's coronavirus reopening system.

If cases continue to drop, the county might be able to move from purple to red later this month.

The state puts the county's adjusted daily case rate at 7.2 per 100,000.

If it gets down to 7 and stays there for two weeks in a row, the county could drop into the red tier, in which movie theaters can reopen, indoor dining can resume and students in grades 7 through 12 can return to campus. But that's only IF county officials authorize it.

"We're thankfully returning to average daily case numbers at the levels we saw before the surge," says Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer. "We are moving in the right direction - a direction that will hopefully lead to us moving forward on our recovery journey where more of our young people can go back to school for on-site learning."

In September, the county's case rate fell low enough to qualify for the red tier but for only one week so we stayed in purple.
Orange County's also getting close to qualify for a move to the more lenient red tier.