The Future of the LAPD: Tracking Mayor Bass' push on homelessness

Part 7 of the KNX News Original Series "Mayor Karen Bass: Tracking the First 100 Days"
KNX Original Series "Mayor Karen Bass: Tracking the first 100 days"
KNX Original Series "Mayor Karen Bass: Tracking the first 100 days" Photo credit Getty Images/KNX News

LOS ANGELES (KNX) - Karen Bass has been Los Angeles' mayor for 54 days. This week she made a critical decision about the future of the Los Angeles Police Department. She gave approval for Chief Michel Moore's continued LAPD leadership.

Los Angeles police commissioners voted unanimously to give Chief Moore another 5-year term of employment.  But, in a letter, Mayor Bass indicated she'll seek to replacement Chief Moore before Los Angeles hosts the 2026 World Cup, and the 2028 Olympics.

So far this year there have been three deaths at the hands of Los Angeles police officers.  During public comment, ahead of the police commission's vote, Chief Moore had few supporters.

"Policing has always been violent, especially here in LA, we only have to look at the last month," declared one man.   "Chief Moore is a trashcan of an excuse for a human being," said another person, who urged commissioners to vote no on awards Moore a new term.

"Many of the community groups that are most vocal about Chief Moore's reappointment take on the perspective of de-funding the police," says Sara Sadwhani, of Pomona College.

On Thursday Mayor Bass was focused on Inside Safe, her plan to house 17,000 of LA's homeless, during her first year in office.  The federal government awarded the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority $60 million grant, which will be paid in $20 million increments over three years.

The mayor's Inside Safe team says about 200 people living on LA's streets have been housed since Bass took office last December.

Each Friday during the first 100 days of the Bass administration listen for the KNX Original Series— "Tracking The First 100 Days" of the Bass administration.   Reporter Craig Fiegener is keeping tabs on what Mayor Bass is saying she'll do, and how she'll do it.

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