US teaches Ukraine soldiers to use major weapons

Ukrainian military
Photo credit Getty Images | Sean Gallup/Staff

As Ukraine continues endeavoring to beat back the invasion from neighboring Russia, it was announced that the U.S. is no longer only supporting Ukraine with money and shipments of weapons and necessities.

According to a government official, hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers have now been trained to use U.S. and NATO weapons.

A lot of the training centers on the proper usage of and care for M-777 howitzers. The official, who remained unidentified, relayed that 419 Ukrainian soldiers have been trained to use the weapons with 17 learning advanced howitzer maintenance.

Another 20 Ukrainian soldiers were trained to operate Phoenix Ghost Unmanned Aerial Systems.

The U.S. is also teaching Ukrainians the ins and outs of Harpoon missile launchers, but the unnamed official says Ukraine is using them in a heretofore-untried way.

“Some training that needs to be done on how to use the Harpoon was not designed for coastal defense,” he told CNN. “It was designed for anti-ship warfare, ship-to-ship warfare, so this is a relatively new application of the missile.”

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