Dina's Dirt for January 25, 2023

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While there have been rumors of a Paris Hilton pregnancy since 2021, it's not a rumor anymore. Paris posted a picture to Instagram last night of her and her husband Carter Reum's first child holding her finger with the caption, "You are already loved beyond words." Paris had previously revealed that they were using IVF to try for a child and reportedly used a surrogate.

In more baby news;

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank are expecting a new addition this summer.

Dan + Shay singer Shay Mooney and his wife Hannah Billingsley welcomed their third child on January 17, a baby boy named Abram.
Their sons Asher, 5, and Ames, 2, were really hoping for a baby girl.

The former “The View” co-host Meghan McCain and her husband Ben Domenech have welcomed their second child, a daughter named Clover Jade McCain Domenech.

Australia is deciding whether or not they want to let in Ye. He and his new wife, Bianca Censori, were supposedly heading to Australia so he could meet her family. In the meantime, Australia’s Anti Defamation Commission argued he shouldn’t be allowed into the country for preaching hate. As far as the government is concerned, a spokeswoman did note, "All non-citizens must meet, and continue to meet, requirements set out in the Migration Act, including security and character requirements.” Snoop Dogg, for example, was banned from the country in 2007.

Pamela Anderson shared the first shocking details of her memoir, “Love, Pamela,” saying Tim Allen flashed her the very first day she joined his show "Home Improvement". She was 23 at the time, he was 37. She said, "On the first day of filming, I walked out of my dressing room, and Tim was in the hallway in his robe. He opened his robe and flashed me quickly — completely naked underneath. He said it was only fair, because he had seen me naked," referring to her Playboy pics. Tim Allen has denied the allegation, according to People, saying he would “never do such a thing.” Now, there’s an old clip that’s making rounds again, where Tim is seen lifting his kilt in front of his co-star, Patricia Richardson, who laughs it off. Patricia said, "People ask me what was under the kilt when he flashed me - he was well dressed under there, I was just shocked that he lifted the kilt, not [shocked] by a man in boxer shorts."

Travis Barker got a tattoo honoring his wife, Kourtney Kardashian. On his upper quad, The Blink-182 drummer showed off his new tat, a set of Kourtney’s eyes. While beautiful, it’s also got a certain creep factor.
See it at tmz.com.

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Panic! at the Disco is no more, according to TMZ. Singer Brendon Urie said the band is breaking up, starting off by telling fans, "Well, it’s been a hell of a journey." He and his wife are expecting a baby, which is where his focus needs to be now. The group will wrap up their almost two decades together with their Viva Las Vengeance tour, which ends this March.
Panic! was first formed back in 2004 with Brendon's childhood friends, kicking things off with their first big hit, "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" the following year.

The biopic about Madonna that was in development at Universal Pictures is no longer happening. Madonna was set to direct the film herself but due to her upcoming world tour, the project has been indefinitely paused.
Madonna is apparently still committed to making a film about her life one day.
In the meantime, representatives for Madonna, Julia Garner (who was supposed to play Madonna) and Universal Pictures aren't commenting.

Naomi Judd's first husband claimed she tricked him into marriage by telling him she was pregnant and he was the father, RadarOnline.com reports. Michael Ciminella confirmed that Wynonna Judd, the baby Naomi had shortly after they married in 1964, was not his daughter. He said she was actually fathered by another of Naomi's high school classmates, Charles Jordan.
Michael believed Naomi misled him "because she thought my family had more money" than Charles Jordan's. He realized Wynonna was not his child when she was 3, shortly before their daughter, Ashley Judd, was born. He said Naomi later admitted to him that Charles Jordan was the father, but no one ever told Wynonna, even though she eventually found out.

Is Lea Michelle showing off her ugly side again? During an appearance on “The Tonight Show,” “Stranger Things” star Sadie Sink was standing next to Tariq as Jimmy Fallon announced Lea Michele's name, but when Lea came out, it looked like she tried to take over the spotlight. As Lea made her entrance, she touched Sadie’s arm, shook Jimmy’s hand, and then inserted herself, making a spot between Sadie and Tariq. It looked awkward. Considering Lea is known for her bad behavior stemming from her days on “Glee,” many felt the movie was intentional and that Lea was trying to make sure she was the center of attention.

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Justin Bieber is now about $200 million richer after selling 100% of his music catalog to Hipgnosis Songs Capital. The sale covers all 290 titles in Bieber’s catalog released prior to December 31, 2021. New catalogs like Justin’s generally don’t go for that much money, but his success over the past 14 years has proven the investment is worth the risk. Justin’s songs have generated over 16 billion in the United States alone, according to Billboard.

An Ed Sheeran fan got the surprise of a lifetime when the singer popped in at a local pub in New Zealand, where he’s currently touring. Apparently, not a lot of Ed’s fans know what he looks like, since when Ed initially showed up at the Brac and Bow restaurant for a pint of beer and a side of fries, nobody recognized him. But after a little while, manager Debbie Sinclair realized who it was and asked him for a photo together, which Ed was happy to do. The restaurant posted the pic on their Facebook page the next day.

Tom Brady was recently spotted touring an elite Miami private school for his three kids, dressed in his best khaki pants and a blue button down shirt, OK reports. The cost at that particular school is said to range from $36,400 to $46,700 per year. The exact name of the private school remains disclosed for security reasons. Tom’s ex, Gisele Bündchen, toured the school first and then sent Tom through, so it must be at the top of their list.

A lot of people are confused as to why Austin Butler keeps talking in his Elvis voice, even doing so when accepting his Golden Globe for “Elvis.” But according to his voice coach, “What you saw in that Golden Globes speech, that’s him. It’s genuine, it’s not put on.” She said that’s basically now Austin’s voice, explaining, “It’s very easy to be an impersonator because what you do is literally copy the sounds, and the problem with that for someone like Austin is that it would not be sustainable.” So instead, Austin had to “find the efficiency and authenticity” in his own voice. He even dressed the part during training to truly become Elvis. No word on his feelings about pb and banana sandwiches though.

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