Dina's Dirt for January 26, 2023

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“Bridgerton” star Regé-Jean Page is the most handsome man in the world, according to the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, a literal scale for measuring physical perfection, devised in ancient Greece. RJ is considered nearly perfect, with a 93.65% score on the scale. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva used a computerized mapping technique to come up with this current list of the most handsome men in the world, and they are;

Regé-Jean Page 93.65% (Dr. De Silva explains that he won because of his “classically beautiful face and gorgeous brown eyes)

Chris Hemsworth 93.53%

Michael B. Jordan 93.46%

Harry Styles 92.30%

Jude Bellingham (English soccer star) 92.22%

Robert Pattinson 92.15%

Chris Evans 91.92%

George Clooney 89.91%

Henry Golding 87.98%

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson 86.07%

Did we really need some ancient equation to tell us that these men are highly desirable?

Ruth Carter from right here in Springfield has once again been nominated for her costume design in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” She first won back in 2019 for her work on “Black Panther.” Mayor Domenic Sarno sent her good luck, saying, “Ruth never forgets her hometown of Springfield. Thank you and good luck Ruth. We’re all so very proud of you. This year’s Academy Awards will air on Sunday, March 12th, at 8 p.m. on ABC.

New details have been released in the accident involving “Hawkeye” star Jeremy Renner. Apparently, the person he had stopped to help was his nephew. The Sheriff’s department says that when Jeremy hopped off his snowplow to help his stranded nephew, the snowplow began to slide sideways. That’s when Jeremy tried to stop the plow from hitting his nephew and was “immediately pulled under the left side track.” Police say there was an issue with the parking brake in the snowplow, and that’s why it started moving, according to Deadline.  If the brake had been engaged properly, the plow would have stopped, but the brake indicator light inside the cab of the vehicle wasn't functioning, TMZ reports. Drugs and alcohol were ruled out as a factor.

There are rumors that a lot of the Palace staff isn’t happy with the changes Queen Camilla has been making, but one person who is definitely benefitting from thanks to the new Queen is Fergie, Duchess of York. Daily Mail reports that Sarah Ferguson has been welcomed “back in the royal fold” thanks to Queen Camilla. She’s always like Sarah, and now that she’s in charge, Sarah is getting invited to family gatherings and public events again and has even been offered use of some of the properties.

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Britney Spears' fans called police after Britney abruptly deleted her Instagram account. It’s not like she hasn’t deleted her account before, but after being so active on it recently, fans were worried so they asked police for a "wellness check." Page Six reports that an officer said, "I can confirm that we did get calls into our dispatch, and essentially, I can confirm that we don’t believe that Britney Spears is in any kind of harm or any kind of danger.” Britney wasn’t thrilled by the police coming by and interrupting her day, but she understands her fans are concerned for her.

The Royal Family may try call a temporary truce with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for the sake of King Charles III's upcoming coronation.
According to a Royal expert, The Royal Family is looking for Harry and Meghan to apologize for sharing details that were supposed to remain behind closed doors, while Harry & Meghan have been asking for an apology for the abuse they allege Meghan endured in the Palace.  There’s already tension to begin with since the coronation is set for May 6, 2023, the same day as Harry & Meghan’s son Archie's 4th birthday, according to US Magazine.

Harry Styles may have a new/old girlfriend. He was spotted yesterday walking alongside Ellis Calcutt, who is rumored to have been his girlfriend from high school about ten years ago, Yahoo reports. Although Instagram posts from Ellis’s account show that she was engaged last March, the last image Ellis has with her apparent fiancé was from June. As for Styles’, he and Olivia Wilde reportedly broke up last November after dating for two years. But… Harry was also spotted out and about with a mystery woman (who he was hugging) in London on Friday. She has since been identified as Sofia Krunic, who works as head of events at the Chiltern, OK reports. She may just be a friend or acquaintance.

When “Total Bellas” star Nikki Bella married her “Dancing with the Stars” partner Artem Chigvintsev in Paris last August, she wore the wedding dress she bought when she was engaged to John Cena. Now, Nikki has explained why. She told US Weekly, “For me, it [reflects] how I stand as a strong woman, I was like wait, why should I not wear what I love? Because of my past? It just didn’t make sense to me. She said she wouldn’t have worn it if Artem had an issue with it, but he was fine with it. Nikki added, “He probably wanted me to save money but then didn’t realize I bought a few other dresses.”

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Kylie Jenner fans have pointed out that the Arabic translation of her son’s newly-revealed name, Aire Webster, refers to the male anatomy. Technically, it’s “Ayre,” but as one person pointed out “God help her if she comes to the middle east. According to Yahoo, another fan wrote, “Look up meanings first before you name your kids.” She had almost a year to research. In the meantime, Kylie, who was recently slammed for wearing a lion’s head as couture, got nailed again for her fashion choice, this time for wearing a noose-inspired necklace from Givenchy, RadarOnline.com reports.

“Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson admitted she once tried to kill her babysitter after being abused by the woman, RadarOnline.com. Pam said in her Netflix documentary, “It was like three or four years of abuse.  She always told me not to tell my parents. I tried to protect my brother from her." She then went into detail about the attack, saying, “I tried to kill her — tried to stab her in the heart with a candy cane pen. I told her I wanted her to die, and she died in a car accident the next day. I thought I’d killed her with my magical mind and I couldn’t tell anybody." Pam said she never told anybody about it because she was afraid she’d be blamed. She explained, “I was sure that I did it, that I’d wished her dead and she died. I lived with that the whole of my young life.”

Gisele Bundchen and her jiu-jitsu instructor have been spending more and more time together as of late, this time riding horses together in Costa Rica. Maybe they’re just friends, but they were definitely all smiles riding for about two hours together. In the meantime, Gisele’s ex, Tom Brady, hasn’t been in the best of moods. He was ranting on his podcast, dropping F-bomb after F-bomb about how he wasn't sure if he'd be retiring or not, according to TMZ.
Tom also talked about how he wants his kids to fail in life – not all the time, but just to learn in life. According to OK, he explained, "I don't want it to go right for my kids all the time. I told them that this morning. I said, 'I want you guys to fail because I want to see what you're made of if you fail and when you fail.' Life isn't going to be just a smooth ride. So we've got to develop resiliency."

Anna Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey, is getting her own unscripted series "Delvey's Dinner Club." According to Variety, the show will be filmed inside her apartment in New York City's East Village, where she's currently serving house arrest. She’s hoping this will give people a “glimpse of the real Anna Delvey.” Anna will host dinners at her home with actors, musicians, and others for “candid conversations around the dinner table.” Anna was convicted of grand larceny and other financial crimes in 2019 and was released from prison in 2021 and is currently on house arrest for overstaying her visa. And if anyone can turn an ankle monitor into an accessory, it’s Anna.

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