Dina's Dirt for September 10, 2021

Dina’s Dirt at 6:40

James Corden just got a restraining order against a women who is trying to marry him. James is already married, and he’s worried about his wife’s safety since the woman is frustrated that his wife "stole" him from her and once his wife is "out of the picture" they can be together and get married.

Speaking of getting married…

Are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly engaged? While MGK was rehearsing for the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards on Wednesday, Megan was there to support him, and she was spotted wearing a ring on THAT finger. An insider tells Us Weekly that there might be a surprise announcement in store for MGK’s performance on Sunday, but a rep for Megan is shooting down the rumors, telling Page Six they’re not engaged. We’ll have to wait and see when the MTV VMAs air on Sunday at 8pm.

In more maybe engagement news, Halsey and her boyfriend welcomed their first child in July, and now some of her fans think they are planning to tie the knot after she shared a photo on Instagram wearing what appears to be an engagement ring. So far Halsey hasn't commented on the speculation. The ring does appear to be on the wrong hand though.

And two people who ARE engaged… Brooke Burke and Scott Rigsby have announced they are getting married after two years together! So that’s the couple you can buy the oval ceramic platter, or maybe a crystal vase, whatever’s on their registry.

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Erika Jayne has been given the chance to make good on her involvement in her husband Tom Girardi's alleged embezzlement. His law firm funneled $25 million in client funds to her company, which has been added to their debt of over $101 million. Investigator Ronald Richards is offering her the chance to "voluntarily" pay it back to the victims to avoid the 10% in fees that would be imposed, according to usweekly.com. Sources say the pressure of the legal case has Erika thinking about leaving the show.

“The Matrix Resurrections” –  the latest installment in “The Matrix” franchise – has released it’s first official trailer. Turns out Neo and Trinity don’t know each other.  Also in the trailer, we get to see Neil Patrick Harris in his role as Neo’s therapist. The film looks to be John Wick meets Alice in Wonderland. As long as Keanu Reeves is sporting his John Wick long hair and the full beard, I don’t even need to know which movie I’m watching.

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Harry Styles kicked of his “Love on Tour” this past weekend in Las Vegas, and while Harry required fans to be vaccinated to attend, he may not have been following health protocols during his show. Video surfaced of Harry doing one of his signature moves - "the whale" — in which he takes sips of water and spits into the air. Not only did he do it with fans nearby, he also tossed water bottles he drank from into the audience. While in normal times fans would be excited by Harry’s moves, some on social media blasted him for being so careless, considering the pandemic isn’t over yet.

Stephen King has a brand-new story out today, Red Screen, in collaboration with Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle offers pay-what-you-want prices, and Stephen’s new short story is starts at just a $5 donation with 100% of the proceeds benefitting the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). It’s only available through September 16th.
Nerdist.com has more details.

Art Metrano, who starred in two "Police Academy" movies, died Wednesday at the age of 84. His most memorable movie role was that of Mauser in "Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment" (1985) and "Police Academy 3: Back in Training" (1986). He was also a staple in many TV shows from the 60s through the 80s.

BTS has yet another video that’s been watched over a billon times. The latest clip to get over one billon views on YouTube is the video for the song “Fake Love.” This is now BTS’ fifth video to join the one billon view club. Others include “Dynamite,” “Boy with Luv,” featuring Halsey, “DNA,” and “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix).”

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Former Disney star Christy Carlson Romano from “Even Stevens” and “Kim Possible” claims Katy Perry stole her music career. According to Buzzfeed, Cristy posted a video titled “How Katy Perry Got My Record Deal.” Christy said she recorded a track called “Just a Song,” where Katy was the demo singer, while working with a music exec and a group called The Matrix. The group was also working with Katy, and a month later, Katy had a record deal and Christy didn’t. Christy doesn’t hold any grudge against Katy though and actually thinks quite highly of her.

Even though Britney Spears wants to end her conservatorship, she still wants her personal conservator, Jodi Montgomery, to stay on, according to TMZ. Brit wants Jodi to be more of a personal assistant,  performing various tasks including dealing with her doctors, making various appointments, making sure she takes the right regimen of meds, arranging meals and chefs, handling the house staff, organizing recreational outings, etc.

Life has been good for TikTok star Nathan Apodaca, who got famous overnight after a video of him skateboarding while drinking cranberry juice and listening to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” went viral. Now, Nathan is expecting his first child with wife Estela Chavez. He has two teenage daughters from a previous relationship and his wife has a teeage son. So, prom dresses and diapers! I hope he names the kid Ocean Spray.

It’s officially a party of five for “Party of Five” star Jennifer Love Hewitt and her hubby, Brian Hallisay! The two just welcomed Aiden James Hallisay who joins big sis Autumn, 7, and big bro Atticus, 6.

Machine Gun Kelly is being sued by a parking lot attendant who claims MGK became aggressive towards him and pushed him after he simply asked him if he had a permit to film his and Mod Sun's movie "Good Mourning With A U" in a Studio City parking lot back August 23. The man claims he asked them to leave when they couldn’t provide a permit, and that’s when he said the film crew surrounded him and MGK pushed him. Other sources say MGK yelled at him but never touched him. The man is suing for assault, battery, negligence and elder abuse, even though he is only 49 years old. Hey, whatever sticks, right?