Dina's Dirt for September 2, 2021

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Simone Biles helped gift her Olympics teammate Suni Lee's father with a new wheelchair. Simone surprised Suni's dad, John, on the "Today" show with a new, state-of-art wheelchair. She said, "Hi, Mr. Lee, it's Simone," Biles told John before showing him the present. "I love your daughter, Suni, so much and I know how much she loves you. You have done so much for her so I reached out to my friends at the 'Today' show to see if we could do something special for you. Hope you like it!" John was paralyzed from the chest down in 2019 after falling off a ladder. He was thrilled with the new wheelchair, a huge upgrade from John's manually operated wheelchair. See the sweet video at tmz.com.

“Jeopardy!” executive producer Mike Richards was fired from the show, but the real reason isn’t just that he had skeletons in his closet. Apparently, after his dirty laundry was aired, potential new hosts let the network know they didn’t want to work with him, according to Radar. A source said, “They have several big-names interested in the job, but they all insisted Mike be removed before they even considered the position.”

Former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Vicki Gunvalson reportedly has COVID-19 but according to her, it is just a cold. A source told the Daily Mail that she did in fact test positive for Coronavirus but after they asked Vicki about her diagnosis, she said, "You're not writing a story about an unknown cold I have. My medical information is not public.” OK! reports Vicki didn’t get vaccinated claiming, "I have underlying issues, I cannot get the vaccine.
I've got blood clots, I have a health exemption."

Britney Spears will not be charged with a crime for smacking her housekeeper’s phone out of her hand. TMZ reports that the DA decided not to file any criminal charges against Britney for misdemeanor battery "based on insufficient evidence that a crime had occurred and the lack of injury to the housekeeper or significant damage to the phone."

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What’s going on with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department? From the same Sheriff's Department that has a Dwayne Johnson look-a-like, there’s another officer who has an uncanny celebrity resemblance to Bindi Irwin! Check out our Facebook page and see if you agree. Some people saw Bindi, but others saw Jessica Biel too.

NeNe Leakes’ husband Gregg Leakes has died at the age of 66. On Wednesday, NeNe and Gregg’s publicist confirmed his death in an official statement saying, “Today the Leakes family is in deep pain with a broken heart. After a long battle with cancer, Gregg Leakes has passed away peacefully in his home surrounded by all of his children, very close loved ones and wife Nene Leakes.” TMZ reports a funeral will not be held, at Greg’s request, though there will be a celebration of life at some point. NeNe’s bar in Georgia plans to honor her late husband with a three-day event over the weekend.

We may know the identity of another DWTS contestant - TMZ reports that Lori Loughlin’s daughter, Olivia Jade was sneaking into the “Dancing with the Stars” studio in disguise. It looks like her partner will be Val Chmerkovskiy. Meanwhile, former “Bachelor” Matt James has also reportedly been added to the lineup. So far, no official confirmation.

“Charmed” actress Alyssa Milano took to social media Tuesday to give fans an update on her uncle, Mitch, who suffered a major heart attack and crashed with Alyssa in the car. She said in a video, "So many of you have reached out to show their love and support and sent their prayers. So I thought that you would like this update. Listen carefully.” She then shared a message from her uncle, who said, "Hey Lyssie, It's Uncle Mitch. It's about 12 o'clock. And I wanted to thank you for saving me, and I should be getting out of here soon. I love you." The great news comes one week after Alyssa revealed Mitch was still on life support following the accident. Read more with extratv.com.

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Lady Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, wants people to know that Lady Gaga didn’t abandon him. Ryan first claimed he felt “abandoned and unsupported” months after he was shot in the chest by dognappers who stole Gaga’s dogs. But, in an interview on Wednesday, Ryan said he was going through “depression and self-pity” when he made that statement on his GoFundMe page, which led to people coming down on Gaga, according to Radar. Ryan said Gaga was really good to him and let him to stay in her Hollywood Hills home to work with a trauma therapist that she paid for. And, on his birthday, Ryan shared that she sent him balloons from Italy while he was recovering in the hospital.

TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio just got put on blast by a photographer who claims she’s used his photos in her book without his consent. In a series of now deleted tweets, Jake Doolittle accused Charli of making “millions” off his work that she included in “Essentially Charli” and told all the Charli fans that were blowing up his feed about the book giving him credit, “a credit means nothing when they don’t have your permission.” It’s unclear why he ended up removing the posts (maybe his lawyer told him to?) and there has been no word from Charli on the situation.

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson has a new boo… who’s a little older than her. The 16-year-old has reportedly been dating 20-year-old college student, Dralin Carswell. Despite their four-year age gap, Alana’s family apparently approves. In fact, he’s like “one of the family now.” It’s worth noting that the age of consent in Georgia, where the couple lives, is 16.

Selena Gomez launched a line of ice cream flavors with premium ice cream brand Serendipity last year, and now she’s debuting a high-end sundae. New York’s Serendipity3 restaurant just added the Selena Sundae to the menu, which sells for $29.95. The sundae features Cookies & Cream remix ice cream (a mix of pink vanilla ice cream, cookie bites and fudge), with hot fudge, cream-filled cookie crumbles, pink sugar and whipped cream, topped with a banana and a cherry. While $30 may sound like a lot for some ice cream, a portion of sales will be donated to Selena’s Rare Impact Fund, which supports mental health resources. If it’s still just too much over budget, maybe if you ask them to leave the cherry off, you can save a couple of bucks.