NFL Insider: Russell Wilson "Not A Foolish" Jalen Hurts Comparison


According to one NFL insider's opinion, the Eagles could be getting a similar quarterback to one of this generation's most talented signal callers.

On the "Baldy's Breakdown's" podcast, RADIO.COM Sports NFL insider Brian Baldinger had some high praise for the Oklahoma quarterback.

“[Hurts] gets benched in the national championship game -- I think he was 25-1 as the starting quarterback at Alabama when he got benched -- and he had plenty of eligibility left. Not only didn’t he just get on the transfer bus right away and get out of town, which he easily could’ve done, but he stayed and graduated and then helped them beat Georgia in the SEC championship game the next year. Then he transfers, wins the job easily at Oklahoma and gets them to the Final Four

“He’s the son of a coach. You want that guy in your quarterback room every day. You want him running your scout team right away, competing every day. I think he made incredible improvements this year at Oklahoma under Lincoln Riley and I think he’s going to make more improvements.

“If I just throw out Russell Wilson as my comparison, I’m not being foolish. Russell Wilson is a top-five quarterback in the league and has been for almost eight years now. He’s an unparalleled competitor. [Hurts] is bigger and stronger than Russell Wilson and he’s as fast. He can’t throw it like Russell can right now, but Russell didn’t throw it like that when he first came to Seattle in 2012. He’s gotten better over the years. Hurts has the same ability to escape, to extend, to look down the field, to find open receivers… I think this guy is going to end up being a starting quarterback in the NFL.”