Eagles discussed hiring Josh McCown, per report


The Eagles search for an offensive coordinator apparently at one point included — or even started — with their backup quarterback. 

According to a report from Philly.com, the Eagles discussed a coaching job -- including offensive coodinator -- with backup quarterback Josh McCown at their end of the season meeting earlier this month. McCown, who will be 41-years old next season, apparently told the Eagles that he wants to continue playing. 

The report is an interesting one on a number of levels. 

For the Eagles to express that kind of interest in McCown is not surprising, but it does show to just how highly they think of him. McCown was with the team for only the 2019 season but made a big impact on his teammates and coaches in his short time with the team. Quarterback Carson Wentz spoke often about how much help McCown was in meetings and on the sideline. So the idea of him transitioning to a coach next season was somewhat expected, whether it was with the Eagles or another team. 

What is surprising is that McCown reportedly still wants to play. McCown retired last offseason, only to be lured out of retirement by the Eagles in training camp. Even if he ended the season completely healthy it seemed unlikely he would be back. The fact he suffered a torn hamstring that will require months of rehab seemed to be the nail in the coffin. McCown wanting to come back, however, does leave the option open for the Eagles of having him back for another season as their backup quarterback — a very important position considering Carson Wentz’s injury history. 

The question now is whether McCown and the Eagles might circle back on the idea of him joining the coaching staff. The Eagles have reportedly interviewed two candidates and the result was both candidates taking themselves out of consideration for the job. If McCown starts to change his mind about playing, the Eagles might try once again to convince him to join their coaching staff. 

There would certainly be some positives and negatives with the decision to bring in McCown as the offensive coordinator. The negatives are obvious — McCown has never coached in the NFL. The fact he was Wentz’s teammate last season could create an awkward dynamic, especially since it is no secret how tough Wentz can be to coach at times. The positives, however, are that McCown seems to have a very bright future as a coach. Landing him now, before another team does, would be a great decision by the Eagles, especially with how much they love former backup quarterbacks on their coaching staff. 

Whether the team sides will come to an agreement remains to be seen, but the possibility is certainly a very interesting one. 

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