Eagles' potential playoff opponent scenarios


For the first time in what feels like forever, the Eagles are waking up not on the outside looking in at the postseason, but firmly in the driver seat for the NFC East title, the No. 4 seed and a home playoff game as a result of their win over the Dallas Cowboys. 

Now the question is, who will they play — and who do they want to play?

There is still plenty to be decided between now and the end of Week 17, including for the Eagles. First, the Eagles need to go the New Jersey next week and beat the Giants to clinch the NFC East. Assuming they win that game, they will be in as the No. 4 seed, regardless of what the Cowboys do. 

As of now, the Eagles would be matched up with the Seattle Seahawks in the first-round of the playoffs, a team that came to Philadelphia and beat them earlier this season. 

There are a handful of games left that will still have a big impact on who the Eagles play:

** Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings (Monday night)
**  San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks (Week 17)
** Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions (Week 17)
** Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins (Week 17)
** Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings (Week 17)

Depending on who you want the Eagles to play, here is a rooting guide and breakdown of potential playoff matchups: 

They play the Seattle Seahawks if… 
** Packers beat the Vikings on Monday night 
** 49ers beat the Seahawks (Week 17)
They play the San Francisco 49ers if….
** Green Bay beats the Vikings on Monday night 
** Seattle beats the 49ers (Week 17) 
** Packers beat the Lions (Week 17) 
** Vikings beat the Bears (Week 17) 
They play the Minnesota Vikings if…
** The Vikings win on Monday night over the Packers
** The Packers beat the Lions (Week 17)
** The Seahawks beat the 49ers (Week 17)
** The Vikings beat the Bears (Week 17)

There is no denying that no matter who the Eagles play in the first round, they will be underdogs. They will have, at best, an 9-7 record with the other team coming in with potentially only four losses. 

That being said, the idea the Eagles can’t win a home playoff game is foolish. Head coach Doug Pederson has shown he knows how to win in the playoffs, the Eagles are a tough team to beat at home and would have plenty of momentum. 

Of all the matchups the Eagles would like to get, however, you have to think the Vikings are at the top of that list. The Vikings are currently playing without running back Dalvin Cook, who is dealing with a shoulder injury. Even though he beat them earlier this season, the Eagles would likely feel very comfortable going up against Kirk Cousins in the playoffs. 

A matchup they very well could see if things break their way over the next week. 

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