Examining Eagles complicated 2021 Salary Cap space situation


For years the Eagles have been viewed as having one of the best, and most creative, salary cap experts in the league on their staff. Lead by Howie Roseman and Jake Rosenberg, money has really never been an issue for the Eagles — they always have cap space, and they always have the option to sign the big-name free agents. 

That will likely remain true as long as Roseman and Rosenberg as running the show. This article is not meant to slam the panic button a year before the next offseason. 

But while the duo has earned the benefit of the doubt, it is hard to look ahead to 2021 and not be a little surprised at the hole the Eagles appear to have dug themselves in. 

According to OverTheCap.com, the Eagles are currently set to be $50.6 million over the salary cap in 2021. Only one other team, the New Orleans Saints, are also projected to be over the cap — but by only $9.5 million. The wide gap between the Eagles and the rest of the league is shocking, and a massive drop for a team that currently has the seventh-most space in the league.