Report: Clowney “interested” in playing for Eagles?


The NFL is (as of now) set to return later this month when training camps begin for all 32 teams and their players. 

All the players except for Jadeveon Clowney. 

Clowney, viewed by some as a the premier free agent this offseason, is still unsigned and still looking for a place to play next season. 

Speaking recently on 97.3 ESPN, NFL Insider John Clayton reported that what Clowney wants more than anything right now is to play for a winner — and his search for that might have the Eagles as one of his top choices. 

“He's going to be interested in Philadelphia because one of the things and one of the reasons he turned down Cleveland is because he wants to go to a winning team,” Clayton said of Clowney. "He turned down Miami twice because he didn't expect them to be a winning team.”

Clowney is apparently so interested in playing for a winner over landing a big deal that Clayton believes he could sign for as low as $9-10 million on a one-year deal. 

As for the interest on the Eagles’ end in signing Clowney?

“I think if its a low price they might do it,” Clayton said, ‘but right now probably no.”

Clayton is right — the chances of the Eagles landing Clowney are slim for two main reasons. 

The first is that it doesn’t seem the Eagles have much interest in bringing in Clowney.

They had a chance to acquire him last offseason and passed. They had a chance to seriously negotiate with him at the beginning of free agency and did not. They have had a chance to sign Clowney this entire offseason and have passed. 

So while the Eagles might like Clowney as a player, but probably not as much as others do, their actions have shown they are not willing to pay much or trade much to sign him — even with some issues at defensive end. 

The second season is the salary cap. The Eagles currently have around $25 million in salary cap space. They need that space for two reasons. First, they need to sign their remaining draft picks. Second, they need it to roll over into next season, when they are set to be $50 million over the salary cap.

So while Clowney at one-year, $9 million might sound like a steal, it would take a significant chunk of the money the Eagles need for next year. The chance of a compensation pick for Clowney next year is enticing, but the Seahawks probably though the same thing, and instead have seen Clowney sit all offseason as a free agent.

Which is why even if Clowney does want to play for a winner, and even if he is willing to take $9 million on a one-year deal, it would still be surprising if Howie Roseman and the Eagles signed him. 

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