Roseman: 'We're not looking for Carson's replacement'


Howie Roseman discussed the Eagles' decision to take QB Jalen Hurts with the No. 53 overall pick in this year's class and made it clear, the Eagles are not looking to replace Carson Wentz. 

"We're not looking for Carson's replacement," Roseman said on the 94WIP Marks & Reese Show on Monday. "We just feel like this is the most important position in sports and we think this player has something to him.

"If this player has the talent we think, a lot of people are gonna notice that too. There are a lot of outcomes to this. I understand everyone wants to win as many possible games as they can this year. We're a lot better than we were at the end of last year.

"I feel like I have two jobs," Roseman said. "My job is to do everything I can to make Carson Wentz successful. We've got so much invested in him. I've also got a responsbility to the organization. I've got a responsbility that's different than just this year. 

Roseman then listed off all of the times where the Eagles' starting quarterback went down and the backup had to step up. 

"I've gotta make sure I'm protecting my team. It's hard not to be short sighted. I'm gonna do everything possible to make sure that we're protected."

Over the last four years, Roseman pointed out the Eagles have spent $32 million on backup quarterbacks, which doesn't take into account adjusted for salary cap inflation. 

"We're talking about being strong at that (quarterback) position," Roseman explained. "You look at a couple of teams last year where their quarterbacks went down and it kind of ruined their season. Everyone always complains about hedging or buying insurance until they need it, and I get that. But when you also look at the history and, really to be fair, our history aout taking quarterbacks later in the draft there's not a great success rate at that."

As for Hurts contributing right away in some sort of Taysom Hill-like role, Roseman would not reveal Philly's plans. 

"Well, I think that's best for the coaches to talk about," Roseman said. "But listen, Jalen is a talented player, there's no doubt about it. But I think in terms of giving the answers to the test, we still want to be competitive here and keep it guessing. I just threw that back in Coach Pederson's lap."

Ike Reese, the leader of the LTBB (Let The Bronco Buck) community, asked Roseman what was Wentz's reaction to the pick. 

"I spoke to him on Friday and told him about some of the guys we were looking, including Jalen," Roseman said. "Carson's an ultimate team guy. Do I think he's human and probably would want to do whatever is best for the team this year to help him win another Super Bowl championship? Yeah, probably. But he's a team guy all of the way."

ESPN’s Adam Schefter attempted to add clarity to the pick during Saturday’s broadcast of the NFL Draft, but instead added another perplexing layer when he suggested that the coronavirus pandemic factored into the team’s rationale to select Hurts.

“I can't tell you that that was at the forefront of this decision," Roseman said. "Right now, to win a Super Bowl championship you gotta play 19 games and I think in the very near future that'll be 20, minimum."