Roseman admits talking with Wentz about Hurts was 'uncomfortable'

Howie Roseman, doing his second interview on 94WIP in two days, admitted that his conversation with Carson Wentz about the Eagles selecting QB Jalen Hurts in the second-round of this year's draft was "not comfortable."

"Well, it's not comfortable because I get it," Roseman said on Tuesday morning with Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show.  

"What helps the team the most at this moment? Probably a different player at a different position because we have a great player there, but my job is different. When we make these kind of decisions I talk to people that I really trust and that I've always relied on that have won world championships and I say, 'This is my thought process. I've gotta do everything I can to make sure Carson Wentz is standing on that podium holding that trophy.' And it's funny when I say that, I see it man. I see it. I see him doing that. And I really believe that that's gonna happen. 

"But I've gotta make sure that this organization is protected, that our fans are protected, that his teammates are protected," he continued. "All of us have seen it and I've seen when you don't have protecting at that position how miserable it could make us."

Cataldi asked Roseman about the comments Donovan McNabb made describing Wentz as unhappy. 

"I don't know that Donovan and Carson are talking," Roseman said. "Maybe he's (Carson is) thinking that, but at the end of the day we're gonna do whatever we can to protect the Philadelphia Eagles. We love Carson and we've shown him we love him, but we gotta do what's right for the team and that makes our job harder. When we drafted Dallas Goedert, I'm sure Zach Ertz wasn't happy."

Roseman has spoke a lot about Jalen Hurts and he's upset Eagles fans aren't focused on the entire roster and all of the team's 2020 draft picks. 

"I'm sick that our fans aren't as excited about our total roster, because they're focused on one thing."