Report: Jason Peters wants to stay with Eagles


Jason Peters returning to the Eagles is starting to look more and more likely. 

According to NBC Sports Philadelphia's Derrick Gunn, Peters has turned down offers from other teams in hopes of remaining with the Eagles. 

"There's no rush on Jason Peters' part and there's no rush on the Eagles' part because nobody basically can do anything," Gunn told Jon Marks and Ike Reese on the 94WIP Marks & Reese Show on Thursday afternoon.

"Jason Peters, they know what he is, what he's capable of doing. From what I've been told, Peters turned down offers from elsewhere because he wants to stay with the Eagles. The Eagles want him. You can look at it on the surface and say, well he's 38 years old. But I will say this, he is that rarity of a guy who is still, at 38 years old, is still one of the best technicians at his position and is still I would argue one of the top 10 players, I think you guys would agree at his position as well. Granted injuries have started to pile up a little more, he's playing 80-85 percent of the snaps. But I'd rather have Jason Peters 80-85 percent of the time than not have him at all right now."

Peters, 38, currently a free-agent, has been with the Eagles since 2009. He is a nine-time Pro Bowler, two-time first team All-Pro and four-time second-team All-Pro. The issue for Peters has been injuries, as the future Hall Of Fame left tackle has missed 12 games over the last three seasons and has been constantly on and off of the field even in games he's started. 

“I think there’s always a chance. Really, right now, all we have is time,” Johnson said. “We’ll see what happens, I wouldn’t rule it out.”

Not only do the Eagles have a need at backup left tackle, but they have plenty of money left over to address that need, with over $23 million in salary cap space remaining. What makes the decision an interesting one is that Peters might be an upgrade over their current starting left tackle, Andre Dillard.