Michael Bennett says Foles is better than Wentz


Amidst a serious and informative conversation, Michael Bennett chimed in on the Carson Wentz and Nick Foles debate.

On the Green Light with Chris Long podcast, the former Eagles defensive end invited on Devin McCourty and Bennett to talk about racial oppression, educating oneself on the topic, and dissecting Drew Brees' National Anthem comments. Urging people to speak out about systematic racism after they educate themselves on the issue, McCourty praised Wentz for speaking out, and Long chimed in.

"Long: I look at the Carson Wentz situation, someone I always knew had it in him. If you play with Carson, he is a good guy, but you don't know if he has that intestinal fortitude to be that first one to step over the line--

Bennett: Nick Foles is better.

Long: He said Nick Foles is better.

McCourty: Yes (laughter)

Bennett: Keep going, keep going.

Long: As a sidebar, it seems to matter what time you are on too because it didn't go well in Jacksonville.

Bennett: Yeah yeah, I'm just saying.


Long: You are the worst. We are trying to have a serious conversation and you wanna divide Philly in-half. I love both those m*****f******s, let me both-sides that. There is no both-sidezing on police brutality to me but on the Nick Foles/Carson Wentz debate, I'm gonna straddle the line like a f****** champ."

Bennett played with Foles and Wentz during the 2018 season before he signed with the Cowboys.