Sixers notify staff of pay cuts due to coronavirus


Full-time employees of the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils have been notified by the sports and entertainment group who owns both teams that they will subject to temporary pay cuts of up to 20-percent and will be moving to a four-day work week due to the coronavirus. 

"As we navigate this evolving COVID-19 environment, we are mindful of the long-term impact the suspension of live events and games will have on our organization and industry," CEO Scott O'Neil said in a statement sent to the employees. "To ensure we can continue to support and operate our businesses during these uncertain times without reducing our workforce, we are asking our full-time, salaried employees to temporarily reduce their pay by up to 20 percent and move to a four-day week."

Pay cuts will affect full time employees who make over $50,000 and could be up to 20-percent for those making $70,000 or more, according to The teams are also expeted to ask front office employees to take similar cuts. 
While many pro sports teams around the country are helping their employees, Joshua Harris is under heavy scrutiny on social media in Philadelphia. 

Do you agree with the Sixers’ decision to cut pay during the coronavirus crisis for employees making $50,000 or more?

— WIP Morning Show (@WIPMorningShow) March 24, 2020