3 wild trades involving James Harden and the Sixers


The Philadelphia 76ers will reportedly sign former Rockets general manager Daryl Morey to a five-year deal as soon as this weekend, allowing him to oversee basketball operations for the Sixers.

It was reported in September that the Sixers could be eyeing Mike D'Antoni as their coach, with hopes of luring James Harden to Philadelphia. Of course, the Sixers hired Doc Rivers to be their new head coach, but you can't help but think maybe Morey helps bring Harden to the Sixers.

Here are three potential, but highly speculative, trades that would bring Harden to Philly.

1. Rockets get: Al Horford, Josh Richardson, and Ben Simmons | Sixers get: James Harden and Russell Westbrook

This one is Eliot Shorr-Parks' idea and it would be a complete rebuild for the Rockets, who would be giving up two aging stars in Westbrook and Harden for the crown jewel of the trade in Simmons. Houston would also have to eat Al Horford's salary and take on an additional $13.6 million in salary cap.

2. Rockets get: Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons | Sixers get: Eric Gordon, Robert Covington, and James Harden

In this trade, the Rockets only lose $5.3 million in salary cap and still get Simmons. They also get to keep Westbrook, but pairing two explosive non-shooting athletes doesn't seem ideal.

3. Rockets get: Ben Simmons, Al Horford, and Mike Scott | Sixers get: James Harden and Robert Covington

This one is essentially Harden for Simmons, with a few others in there to make the salaries fit, and also brings RoCo back to Philly. On the surface, Simmons for Harden does make some sense for both sides. Philadelphia would get to pair Harden with Embiid, which would be a dominant duo and the Rockets can start over with Simmons and decide what they want to do with Westbrook.

Of course, Morey and Rivers may also want to keep Simmons and Embiid and make smaller, fringe type moves to help improve the team around this young duo—the seemingly most likely outcome. We will see.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports