Morey: 'Insane' how good Embiid and Simmons can be together with shooters


Daryl Morey did not disappoint leading his first draft with the Sixers.

Morey traded for shooters in Danny Green and Seth Curry, drafted a promising young point guard from Kentucky in Tyrese Maxey and traded away big contracts with Al Horford and Josh Richardson.

The moves are indicative of what Sixers fans have been demanding for years: surround Embiid and Simmons with shooters.

"I think the theme tonight with Seth Curry and [Danny Green] was trying to improve the fit," said Morey in his post-draft press conference. "We went in with the goal of increasing our flexibility. The first move we did allowed the second move with Seth.

"Having a truly gravity elite shooter really changes the dynamic for Ben and Joel. Those who have watched the Sixers up close and personal like you have longer than me know that when Joel and Ben have had that, it's actually insane how good those lineups and how good those teams played when everyone was healthy."

Last season, Seth Curry ranked 3rd in 3-point percentage just behind Toronto's Matt Thomas and former Sixer JJ Redick. Danny Green had a down year 3-point wise but is a 40% shooter from behind the arc throughout his career.

Of course, Morey's comments are in reference to the lineups with Embiid, Simmons and Redick from 2017-2019. The trios point differential was steep according to Cleaning the Glass, and Morey's efforts to bring in Curry and Green are clear signs of his desire to recreate that dynamic on the floor.

After all, it comes down to Embiid and Simmons according to Morey, who it sounds like the team will be building around for years to come.

“Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons," Morey said, "are going to be here a long time”​