NBA Twitter couldn't believe James Harden tried to sneak onto court in middle of Nuggets possession


James Harden provided NBA fans with one of the strangest sequences in recent memory during Saturday’s game against the Nuggets.

Late in the third quarter, Harden and the 76ers realized they only had four players on the floor in the middle of a Nuggets possession, and no, it wasn’t because Doc Rivers was pulling a “Hoosiers” moment and trying to prove a point to his roster. Philly needed a fifth defender on the floor, and Harden tried, and failed, to sneak his way onto the court in the middle of the play.

It did not go well, as cameras caught Harden quickly pop up from his seat on the bench and try to sneak his way onto the floor, but by the time he took one step onto the hardwood, he has hit in the face by a baseline pass, and the Sixers were issued a technical foul.

The play quickly made its rounds on social media, as fans tried to figure out what exactly Harden was doing.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Tim Nwachukwu | Getty Images