Jalen Mills shares cool behind-the-scenes story about Jalen Hurts


The Eagles have two important decisions to make a quarterback this offseason.

First, it is where to trade Carson Wentz. Ideally we will be getting the answer to that question soon.

Second, it is what to do once he is gone — go with Jalen Hurts or draft a rookie quarterback in the first round?

The one advantage Hurts will have over the potential of a new rookie quarterback is he has been in the NovaCare Complex for a year already, meaning the front office has had a chance to see how he would handle his role as the starting quarterback.

Which is why the story Jalen Mills recently told on The Adam Lefkoe Show feels especially noteworthy.

Here is Mills’ story in full, via NBC Sports Philadelphia:

“We played the Saints, what was it, Week 12 maybe, I think, before he started? [It was Week 13.] Up until that point of course Carson is the starter. I kid you not: after practice we have about, Doug would give us about two hours for recovery, to eat lunch, right before our meetings. An hour after practice, when I've showered, I've gotten a cold tub, I'm about to go eat lunch, an hour has passed by and I would - through out cafeteria there's a big glass [window] that looks out onto the practice field, and you would see him out there throwing the ball, still. Throwing the ball with one of the assistant quarterbacks coaches, working on his mechanics, working on his throws, working on rolling out, and I'm like, 'Yo, J, you've got 45 minutes to hurry up, eat, and shower to get to the meetings…But that just shows you he was preparing himself to where, if there ever was a moment where he got into the game, he wasn't the guy who was out there to be like, 'Okay, Carson's the starter, I'm just out here to be the backup, three to four plays a game I'm going to run the read option, run the ball.' It was, 'No, I'm preparing myself to be the starting quarterback, to make all of these throws.”

The story from Mills not only backs up what both coaches and players said about Hurts throughout last season, that he is a hard worker, but it also shows why one of Hurts’ best traits coming out of Oklahoma was considered his leadership.

This isn’t to say Carson Wentz didn’t work hard, but at a time when the Eagles will need a quarterback to step up and unite the team after a rocky 2020 season, Hurts already having the respect of his teammates could definitely increase his chances of being given the job.

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