Donovan McNabb defends Eagles' OC Brian Johnson


Donovan McNabb defended new Philadelphia Eagles coordinator Brian Johnson on Monday's 94WIP Marks & Reese Show.

"You're seeing the evolution of the offense," McNabb said. "And I know everyone wants to come down on the offensive coordinator because it's his first time calling plays for the Philadelphia Eagles and his relationship with Jalen. So it's an excuse for the listeners and viewers to go directly to him because there are not a lot of splash plays.

"I'm seeing him being real methodical with the offense to try to alleviate a little pressure off of those guys and utilizing the quick game, getting the ball out of his hands, taking shots when need be. But more importantly, establishing that run game. You have to utilize what we have as our strength, in being the offensive line and getting those big guys being kind of road graders and opening up holes. And that's why I talked about utilizing Swift...What we've seen out of Swift is what I expected."

The Eagles are 2-0, but Jalen Hurts has less than 200 yards passing in each of the two wins and a lot of criticism for the lack of offensive explosion has fallen on Johnson, the new Eagles' play caller.

Hurts currently leads the NFL in designed runs with 15, resulting in 72 yards and two short scores.

Defensively, McNabb admits the passing defense has him a bit concerned.

"I'm a little worried about what our defense has shown in the last two weeks in the passing game and being able to defend. We have a secondary, that I feel, that should be able to shut a little bit of that down. And it seems like in the last two weeks, we haven't been able to do that...We have to improve in that area on the defensive side."

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