Eagles should hit the brakes on Deshaun Watson pursuit


I’m about to advocate for something that may seem crazy on the surface, but I can’t help but thinking it over and over again as Deshaun Watson-Eagles rumors continue to resurface: Howie Roseman should pause any pursuit that’s ongoing or will soon pick up for the Texans star.

Yes, I realize what I’m saying. I am suggesting that the Eagles pause the pursuit of one of the NFL’s best young quarterbacks. It could cost them landing a star at the most important position in sports. Yet I truly believe it’s the right approach, and the one the Eagles need to consider before making a franchise-altering decision.

Let’s start with the obvious and unavoidable: Watson has over 20 civil lawsuits against him, all stemming from women who claim sexual misconduct. If you haven’t read the details, I suggest you take some time to do just that. It’s disturbing. It’s uncomfortable. No, Watson hasn’t been charged criminally. He almost surely isn’t headed for jail time. But there’s something clearly off about this individual that would instantaneously become the face of the Eagles. We may have to root for this player one day. I’m less-than-excited for that day.

If (or when) Watson settles his lawsuits and is eligible to return to the NFL, he’s surely to be moved. According to WIP’s Howard Eskin, the Eagles are the overwhelming favorites to be the team to take the chance on him as soon as that type of blockbuster goes through. Perhaps even as soon as next month, despite a possible looming suspension to start the season.

Again, my “hit the pause button” signal goes off.