Jalen Hurts to see increased role in Eagles' offense


Jalen Hurts helped get the Eagles’ offense going in the second quarter on Sunday in their loss to the Baltimore Ravens. It seems like he will be getting even more chances moving forward to have an impact on the game.

Speaking Monday, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said the team is going to explore more ways to get Hurts on the field.

“In the case of Jalen, obviously you saw yesterday some of what we call X plays or plays that are sort of unscouted with him have been productive for us in the last three or four weeks. I think it's something that we've got to continue to explore,” Pederson said. “It does give us the ability to run the football with him, so he's like another -- I don't want to say he's another running back, but he's a quarterback that can run the zone-read plays from the quarterback position. It's something that we're definitely going to continue to explore each week, if it's conducive; it has been successful for us, and I could see things continuing each week that way.”

Hurts was on the field for seven plays on Sunday, totaling 26 yards on two runs and one pass attempt. He was also a decoy on Miles Sanders’ 74-yard run that resulted in the Eagles first touchdown of the game. The second-round pick has seen his role in the offense increase each week, going from inactive in Week 1, to one of the best players on offense in Week 6.

The Eagles are expected to be without both Zach Ertz and Miles Sanders on Thursday night against the New York Giants, meaning they will be forced to look for creative ways to move the ball down the field and put points on the board.

Chances are Hurts will end up being a big part of their attempt to get things going on offense — both this Thursday and moving forward.

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