Jalen Hurts talks QB competition with Carson Wentz


We haven’t heard from Carson Wentz in months, but Jalen Hurts spoke Tuesday on CBS Sports, and it sounds like he is very much ready for a quarterback competition if that is indeed what Nick Sirianni and the Eagles’ plan is.

Here is everything Eagles-related that Hurts had to say during the interview:

On who will be the starting quarterback for the Eagles:
“That is a great question. That is a great question. I’ll tell you that I am putting the work in on my end. Trying to build relationships with my guys. Excited for this offseason. Excited to take the next step. Regardless of what’s what, I am challenging myself to be the best quarterback I can be. Learn from my mistakes. As a learn from our mistakes from last year. Personally, those four games I got the opportunity to get my feet wet in, and take off next year.”

On the competition in the quarterback room:
“It has always been a business. In the college and in the pros. I understand that,” Hurts said. "One thing that I do and I always have done is try to keep the right mentality. I control what I can. I have always been that way and I always will be that way. The main thing I can control is my work ethic, my effort, where my head is at, the relationships I have with those around me. Just building. Building as a man, building as a player and always being rooted in my faith.”

On the hiring of Brian Johnson as QB coach:
“Coach Brian is like family. I have known him since I was four-years old. My dad actually coached him (in high school). I grew up watching him play. Got a lot of love for him. Crazy how it works. He was actually recruiting me to play at Mississippi State when Dak left. Ended up going to Alabama. Thought about going to Florida during my second recruitment process, ended up going to Oklahoma. So now it all fell into the right place I guess so I am excited to be working with him.”

What he needs to improve on:
“I think simply just leveling up. Leveling up on every part of my game. Building those relationships with the coaches we have. Seeing it how they see it. That is always pivotal. Ultimately, creating an identity. Having an identity of what we want to be. How they want to go about it. That is a big point for me, and that will help me as well as a player. The team things will definitely help individual success.”

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