Jason Kelce tells story of how he almost drowned at Chad Hall's July 4th party


Lane Johnson shared this story to Marcus Hayes and Jason Kelce further explained what happened at a Fourth of July party, when he almost drowned.

“Chad Hall—a former receiver here and now a receivers coach with the Buffalo Bills—went to Air Force Academy," Kelce said on Thursday's call-in with Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show. "And he used to have a big fourth of July party down at his family’s house in Lake Veneer with a bunch of servicemen and a few players would go down there and it was a blast. One year, I’m on the back of the houseboat, have had a few drinks, and, umm. I didn’t go on too many boats growing up, Angelo, I didn’t know much about water in general outside of pools. And, I got to go to the bathroom. I know we’re getting ready to leave the area we’re in, so I think it’s a good idea—I see a rope right there, and I think, you know what, I’ll just tie the rope around my waist, and jump in the water because the bathroom line was full.

"And sure enough, as soon as I get in the water, the houseboat takes off, rips my bathing suit straight off—and it's only like strolling at this point, it's not going very fast. And it’s very apparent that I’m in trouble. The power of water is intense, and it pulls me under right away. And luckily the rope, it was just one of those tie up ropes so it wasn't that long. So I’m able to grab [the rope] and pull myself up out of the water just high enough to scream for help. And these girls are sitting there at the back of the boat, and they’re thinking it’s hilarious. And I’m like, ‘THIS ISN’T FUNNY! I NEED HELP!’”

"So luckily they go to the front of the boat, they stopped it. I didn't die. Definitely the dumbest thing I've ever done in my life."

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