Chris Long calls Eagles a 'burning building,' says J.J. Watt wouldn't want to go there


Chris Long wasn't talking about your team, but since you asked, he's happy to explain why three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt probably isn't interested in signing with your favorite squad.

Shortly after explaining why Watt wasn't going to ring chase with the first team that Long won a title with—the New England Patriots—the further expounded upon a tweet in which he said "J.J. does not want to go to your team." He didn't intend said tweet to be about a specific team. But after saying that Watt wouldn't want to go to New England because they don't have a quarterback, Long moved onto discussing the Eagles, who he won his second Super Bowl with.

"...Or Philly...I love Philly fans...I had some Philly fans taking it personally. I'm like 'listen, you're not even in the conversation.' It's a burning building in Philly right now. That's not to say that they can't put it out, but do you think a Hall of Famer is gonna run from one burning building to the next burning building? He's not doing this to be a mentor to guys in struggling programs, he wants to win." [Via The Green Light Podcast]

With former NFL team chaplain Jack Easterby having accumulated power in Houston - and the fact that the team's 25-year-old franchise quarterback wants to be traded - the Texans are by far the most dysfunctional organization in the sport.

Just a few years removed from winning Super Bowl LII, the Eagles might be the second biggest mess in the sport currently. Carson Wentz and the Eagles appear destined for a split, though there's no indication that the team has received an offer to their liking yet. Gone is Doug Pederson a few years removed from winning a Super Bowl title, but Howie Roseman, who has struggled mightily at maximizing draft picks in recent years, remains.

One of the picks that appears to have been a reach was 2020 first-round pick Jalen Reagor, who you may have heard was selected above Justin Jefferson. Last weekend, Reagor suggested in a since-deleted tweet that he would like the Eagles to sign Watt, a five-time All-Pro.

But Long is right. Watt has already drawn interest from multiple Super Bowl contenders, a category that the Eagles firmly do not fit into currently. On top of that, Over The Cap currently projects that the Eagles are more than $49 million over the salary cap, so this will likely be an offseason full of notable departures, as opposed to additions.

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