Nakobe Dean sees similarities between Eagles, Georgia


Nakobe Dean knows a thing-or-two about winning football.

Going back to his time at Georgia, and now off to a 4-0 start with the Eagles, Dean's teams are 39-5 since 2019.

As a result Dean knows what winning football looks like and he knows what a winning team feels like.

Speaking Monday night on the Player's Lounge with Ike Reese and Eliot Shorr-Parks, Dean said he sees some similarities between the teams he played on at Georgia and this current Eagles team.

"I would say how together our team is. I don’t know how other teams are the league, because this is my first NFL team and hopefully my last. I just know how together we are, how much of a brotherhood it is, how much we actually like each other, how much we like being in the locker room and talking to each other," Dean said. "I feel like that kind of correlates how we were at Georgia. Us growing up and actually working through stuff and working out everything, us always competing. No matter what it is. Whether it is ping pong, shooting pool. We are always competing. I feel like that is similar.”

Dean said part of the reason the team is so close and has built a winning culture is because of Nick Sirianni.

“He is the one who is always pushing for us being connected," Dean said. "One of the first things he said that I remember in a team meeting was when we are all eating lunch or a team dinner, when we sit down, if he walk in and you are on your phone he might try to talk to you and get you off your phone. He wants to see us in there actually eating as a team and being able to communicate with each other. So he always pushes that togetherness.”

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