New design for Eagles’ kelly green jersey circulating on Twitter


Eagles fans love the kelly green uniforms. That is no secret.

For years, fans have been hoping and waiting for the day when the team would ditch the midnight green uniforms and go back to the kelly green they last wore during the 1995 season.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie is well aware fans want a return to kelly green, and has said in the past he is very open to wearing them again, even working with the NFL to try to make it happen once a season.

Sadly, there is no indication the team will be bringing them back anytime soon, but that hasn't stopped fans from wondering what the new uniforms could look like if (when) they do return.

Check out this jersey concept from Brad Wolf, which gives an updated look on the old kelly green jerseys:

The design was a hit among Eagles fans, as the tweet went viral on Monday and was filled with comments saying the team should consider using them if they do eventually switch back.

Now, we will have to wait-and-see if the tweet makes it to the desk of owner Lurie -- and if perhaps it will inspire him to work even harder to bring back the kelly green.