NFL Insider: Eagles' Nick Sirianni not on hot seat


The Eagles are 2-4 and have been a frustrating team to watch so far this season, leading many to wonder if rookie head coach Nick Sirianni could be one-and-done in Philadelphia.

FOX NFL Insider Jay Glazer, however, seems to think there is no chance Sirianni is fired.

Here is what Glazer had to say when asked if Sirianni is on the hot seat during a segment called “#AskGlazer”:

“No. No. Not at all,” Glazer said. “Look, he is a first-year head coach there, and I know Philadelphia is tough, but no. He is not on the heat seat this early on.”

Glazer saying essentially there is no chance Sirianni is fired is certainly interesting, considering Glazer is without question one of the most plugged-in reports in the NFL.

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The chances of Sirianni being fired have to be considered slim. The Eagles are 2-4, but they have played four teams likely to be heading to the playoffs, including the two teams that were in the Super Bowl last season.

The offense has been hard to watch at times, and the run/pass ratio is certainly concerning, but it is still likely too early to determine whether or not he is a good head coach.

Jeffrey Lurie firing Sirianni after one year would also be surprising considering the expectations he likely had coming into the season. The Eagles have been open about this being a rebuilding year, and when he hired Sirianni, he told his new head coach he was excited about the coach he could become — a sign he knows it is going to take time for Sirianni to develop.

If the Eagles’ season spirals out of control, anything is possible, but it would likely take a 3-or-4 win season for Sirianni to be shown the door after one year.

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