DeCamara goes off on Wentz: 'Give Doug a real QB and see what happens'


Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie kicked off Monday's 94WIP Midday Show with an all-timer, a debate about Doug Pederson's responsibility for Carson Wentz's struggles, which led to this explosive rant from DeCamara.

"Jon, he stinks!" DeCamara said of Wentz. "Everyone listen to me. Carson stinks! Everybody listen to me. Carson Wentz is horrible. He is a terrible starting quarterback in the NFL. I cannot take this anymore. The guy stinks! Alright, he's horrible."

"Do you think that's news to anyone?" Ritchie replied.

"Apparently it is to you, Jon, because you're going on this Doug rant," DeCamara said. "Give Doug a real quarterback and see what happens."

DeCamara is confident that Wentz is not the Eagles' starting quarterback of the future.

"I told you after the second game this year that Carson was not going to be the quarterback in 2022," DeCamara said. "And a lot of people thought I was crazy and that's fine, you can have whatever opinion you want. Carson is not going to be the quarterback in 2022, he might not eve be the quarterback in Week 16 this year if they actually have a shot, which they're going to. This is insane, how bad he's been. It is insane!"

"It's insane that you somehow have blinders on that absolve Doug of any culpability here," Ritchie said.

"Listen man, I will listen to everyone, I'll just put it that way. But I had to get it off my chest," said DeCamara. "I cannot take it anymore."