Orlando Scandrick blames 'weasel' Howie Roseman for Eagles struggles


Eagles fans and Orlando Scandrick might finally agree on something.

Speaking Monday on FS1’s “Undisputed”, the former Eagles cornerback ripped into Howie Roseman, placing the majority of the blame for this 3-7-1 disaster on the general manager.

“You can bench (Carson) Wentz, fire Dougie P, but you still got the same little weasel snake picking the players. He has been God awful," Scandrick said. "You say Wentz doesn’t have any help, well how is he supposed to have help if you draft J.J. Arcega-Whiteside over DK Metcalf? Then we go to the offseason and we say ‘Wentz still doesn’t have any help', and we draft Jalen Reagor who was a punt returner. He was basically known for being a punt returner at TCU over (Justin) Jefferson. It is time to blow the whole thing up. Blow it all up. Enjoy the Super Bowl, give him his Super Bowl ring, give him all the little nice pats on the back, call him a nice Uber XL and get him on out of there.”

Scandrick, who played for the team in 2019 before being released midway through the year, also took some time to take a bit of a victory lap for saying last season the Eagles were in trouble.

“About a year ago I came on here, I was called bitter, upset. But I was truthful,” Scandrick said. “You know what they say, they will forgive you for telling a lie, but they will hate you for telling the truth.”

Fans have been very critical of Roseman this season, as years of poor drafting have come back to haunt the team.

The poor decisions in the draft were on full display Monday night against the Seattle Seahawks, as receiver DK Metcalf — a receiver Roseman passed on three times — finished with 177 yards and one touchdown. Watching receiver Justin Jefferson have a ton of success in Minnesota while Reagor has struggled has also not been a great look for Roseman’s ability to evaluate talent in the draft.

Ripping the Eagles is nothing new to Scandrick, who became public enemy No. 1 in Philadelphia last year for criticizing Malcolm Jenkins, Roseman and the Eagles’ locker room.

“The problem in Philadelphia is much, much deeper than me,” Scandrick said in 2019 after being released. “I think they’re having a tough time dealing with success.”

Whether the Eagles problems are due to trouble handling success or just not having the right people in place can never be truly known, but the results are clear. Since winning the Super Bowl in 2017, the trio of Roseman, Pederson and Wentz are 17-20-1 together. They don’t have a single playoff win together in four seasons and it seems unlikely that will change this season.

“It doesn’t catch up to you until it catches up to you,” Scandrick said. “And now, it has caught up to them.”

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