Joe DeCamara's top 10 athletes in Philadelphia right now


Joe DeCamara released his list of the top 10 current athletes in Philadelphia.

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DeCamara said Dallas Goedert, Aaron Nola, and Trea Turner were very close to making the list, but ultimately did not.

"After the game last night for the first time in two or three years, I put together my top 10 list of Philadelphia athletes," DeCamara said on Monday's 94WIP Morning Show.

The controversial part of the list was DeCamara's decision to rank Wheeler ahead of the NBA's reigning MVP in Joel Embiid.

"Number four, and I know there is people that aren't going to like it, but it's where I'm going," DeCamara said. "Number four, Joel Embiid. I told you in October. They didn't lose because of Zack Wheeler...Unlike Joel, he doesn't wilt when the playoffs come."

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