Famous Swiftie Howard Eskin on Travis and Taylor: 'I don't think it's real'


Known Swiftie Howard Eskin is in denial about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

"Yeah, I don't think it's real," Eskin said on Tuesday's 94WIP Midday Show. "For one minute and thirty seven seconds? Come on, now."

"I love Taylor Swift. She's the best entertainer in the world today. She knows how to play the game. She was invited [to the game]. She went. I'm kind of embarrassed to be a Swiftie right now because of all these—no I'm not hating. First of all, I like Travis too, I really like Travis. Listen, it's working out for him and it's working out for her, not that she needs the attention. But they're selling like at 400-percent increase in his jerseys. Come on, Swifties, you don't need to buy his jersey because she was at the game.

"I thought they looked very uncomfortable walking. She didn't, because she knows how to deal with it. He looked uncomfortable."

Eskin is correct, in terms of Kelce's jersey sales. According to Joe Pompliano, Kelce gained over 300,000 social media followers and saw a 400-percent increase in his jersey sales after Sunday's game, in which Swift sat with his mother at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Dave Uram/KYW