Top NFL Draft prospect was driving for DoorDash last summer


Whoever drafts former BYU quarterback Zach Wilson to be their next franchise quarterback won't have to worry about humbling the 21-year-old. Life has already taken care of that.

Wilson, who appears increasingly likely to be a top-five pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, recently explained on The Peter King Podcast that as recently as last summer, he was driving for DoorDash to make some money on the side:

Wilson: I remember Mother's Day specifically. I missed Mother's Day because I was out here [training in California for his junior year]. And so, I sent my mom some flowers through like a delivery service...then I went and trained that morning...and then I went and delivered DoorDash for about eight hours straight to try and make some money to help and pay for the trip and food and getting my mom some nice things for Mother's Day.

King: How much can you make in an eight-hour DoorDash shift?

Wilson: I think I made a couple hundred bucks.

King: Wow. OK, so your offensive coordinator told me a story that some kid put online 'I might be crazy, but I think Zach Wilson just delivered me DoorDash' somewhere in the BYU area. Did you ever do it there?

Wilson: I did, yeah. That's funny, I didn't even know that. I used to go drive my Moped around BYU in the summer. I didn't want to get a job because I wanted to be able to focus on training and making sure that was my main priority. But every night, randomly, I would go out and deliver food to get a little extra cash.

King: And until you just heard that, did anybody ever recognize you?

Wilson: I mean, not that I know of. I think there was maybe a couple that nothing crazy [happened]...I got a few funny stares, but nothing besides that.

Mind you, Wilson was driving for DoorDash while preparing to compete for his starting quarterback job. There's a quirky element of this story, but if a Division I quarterback having to become part of the gig economy in addition to playing for a major college football program and working on his degree isn't indicative of the inequities in NCAA Football, it's hard to know what is.

Nonetheless, Wilson emerged from a summer of working with former NFL quarterback Jon Beck and not only held onto his starting job, but he tossed 33 touchdowns to just three interceptions.

While Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is expected to be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Wilson could very well be the next quarterback off the board. In fact, one college scouting director recently told Matt Miller that Wilson reminds him of Patrick Mahomes.

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