‘Andre, f— you’ — Klay’s favorite memory as a Golden State Warrior is hilarious

Klay Thompson really is incomparable. The latest proof comes via an extensive profile of Andre Iguodala, penned by Sean Gregory of TIME.

In the piece, Gregory shares a scene from Iguodala’s upcoming memoir, “The Sixth Man.” As part of team-building exercise, the Warriors were asked to share their highest moment on the court.

Klay’s reply, via, Iguodala, was very on brand…

“When Klay's turn came, we all assumed he was going to say that his highest moment was the day he scored 37 points in a quarter against Sacramento," Iguodala writes. "I mean, that was an NBA record! But he didn't. Instead he said, 'My best moment was one night I caught a pass and I was like 50 feet from the basket and I was about to shoot it. And all of a sudden, I hear Andre being like, 'What the f---, Klay? You're fifty feet out.' And I thought about it for a second and shot it anyway. It went in, and I was like, 'Yeah, Andre, f--- you.' We all had a good laugh about that. I was like, 'Wow, really dog? That was your best moment?'"

Add it to the archives. Another great moment in the history of Klay.